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Nate Romanowski is a recurring character in the T.V. series, Joe Pickett. He was one part mystic, one part hardened criminal. He was a survivalist who lived off the grid deep in the woods around Saddlestring, Wyoming.


Nate is a passionate falconer, with a deep connection to his birds. There were rumors he was once special forces, or that he was on the run from the law, that he murdered some men before showing up here one day, but nobody was certain of any of it. The one thing everyone can be certain about is that Nate is not a man to be trifled with. He was always very armed and even more dangerous.

Some initially considered Nate the prime suspect in Ote Keeley’s murder, but Joe was an exception. Nate believed that Joe was the only person he could trust in the corrupt Wyoming town. In time, Joe would come to feel the same way toward Nate. Marybeth, Joe's wife, also trusted in Nate and helped his defense case.

Like Joe, Nate had an internal, immovable sense of right and wrong – though their internal moralities didn't otherwise entirely align. Nate and Joe became unlikely friends and frequent collaborators. In some ways, Nate was like Joe’s id: wild and dangerous, embracing everything with which Joe was uncomfortable. And Nate envied Joe’s life of family and connection. They formed a deep mutual respect for each other, as kindred spirits and opposites at the same time. Joe trusted Nate more than anyone else he knew in Twelve Sleep.

Nate develops a personal connection with Cricket Ludlow, who works for the local sheriffs department. He protects her from Marshal Kelmeckis, who tried to strangle her at her home. Nate breaks his neck. He checks Cricket while telling her those guys killed his wife. Nate gave her something, told her to go to the motel, and come back to report what she saw. Cricket kissed him.

It is revealed in Season 2 that he was part of a merc outfit called Mark V and worked for a mysterious contractor named John Nemecek.


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